Website for Trusted Mortgage in Market Harborough
Responsive Website design for Trusted Mortgage in Northamptonshire


Tailored solutions

We were recently asked to create the identity, branding, website and associated materials for the Trusted Mortgage Company.

In what can often be a fairly dry and daunting industry, the brand needed to reflect the personality of the directors – professional, friendly, approachable and sympathetic to their clients needs.

The identity is based on a graphic representation of a money tree, with a colour palette that reflects tones more commonly found in a home than a financial services office. The website uses these brand colours to navigate the user through the site, whilst the images of people and pets capture the feeling of family, relationships and the things that make a home.

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Branding Logo for Trusted Mortgage in Market Harborough and Desborough
Branding Logo and Stationery for Trusted Mortgage in Market Harborough
Photorealistic Computer Generated Image of a kitchen interior for Graefe veneer doors
Realistic CGI rendering of ironmongery for Graefe internal doors